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    polaris slt 780 limp mode

    i have a 96 polaris slt 780 which is in the limp mode ,bad float i believe
    is it true that if i pull the wires leading into the sending unit and
    install a 100 hom resister ,that this will make the box believe there is gas
    in the tank and i will trick it into gettin it out of limp mode ,i dont care about the gauge at this point ,becouse i fuel it up every time i take it out
    or is there another proven quick fix i can do with out removing the sending unit
    any helpful information would be great ,,thanx Robert

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    Welcome to the Hulk Robert!
    Did your display show "low fuel" with the red led flashing? Wiring in a 33 ohm resistor will trick it into reading a full tank. A 100 ohm should do it if you have one already. It will show around a half tank. 240 ohms would show empty.

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    yes i did and thanx alot for the advice

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