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    Scratch/Crack in 99 XL760- What to do?

    Im have a deep scratch or crack, not sure, in my 99 xl760. Its just right of where your right foot would be riding in the footwell area. I don't think the boat hit anything; more like a warf or something dropped on it. I don't think its all the way through. How should I repair it? I was thinking of drilling two small holes at either end of the crack to stop it and maybe cleaning it out a bit then filling with sealant like 3M 5200? What do you think?
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    That is a crack. I would not use 5200 on it. Personally I would take it to a fiberglass repair place, if you don't want to do that, they sell fiberglass repair kits and you can try it yourself.

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    I probably will fix it with a fiberglass repair kit but for the time being will just seal it.

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    It all depends on how much you want to get into it and how much you want to spend.
    If money is no object then take it somewhere and let them take care of it for good.
    If your just worried about it getting worse then drill a hole at each end of the crack to stop it from getting worse. Fill the crack with Marine Tex instead of 5200. Use a razor blade to work the marine tex into the crack and make it as smooth as possible so you don't have to sand much...if any.
    The cool thing about doing it this way is that you know if it gets worse or comes back then you can have someone take care of it and you are not out really an significant cash by trying the repair yourself.
    Good Luck

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    I have heard how well the Marine-Tex works but cannot purchase it in my area. I was able to find an epoxy repair kit made by West Systrems, but its not white but rather clear. Will this be better than 5200?

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    You can not just use a fiberglass repair kit. The Yamaha hulls are made of SMC and is not like the SeaDoo or Polaris boats where you can just expect fiberglass to stick to it. You would be better off going to someone that knows these hulls unless you want to deal with it again next season.

    You can take the advice or just use a fiberglass kit and deal with it again. Try calling some boat repair facilities and see what they say.

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    But its not a fiberglass repair kit, its an epoxy repair kit that i have read will work with smc.

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