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    best GPS tracking device to buy

    well im going to buy a gps tracking device for my bike, race trailer (16' box), and maybe my ski.

    whats you opion one trackers? and what have you used or know about??
    heres what i found so far.

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    Check out

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    Check this out:

    $200 and no monthly fees.. uses pre-paid sim card. Looks cool...

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    three times the spam

    uh..we get it dude, you like the gizmo..and since this is all you've posted about..I(might be wrong here) suspect you have some financial interest....

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    I saw the post about stolen jet skis and did a search for GPS tracking on here and posted because I think it's useful info. Someone jacked some crap out of the bed of my truck last night and I'm jsut sick of theives in general.

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    And actually that's not all the posts I've made, I made one about info for a jet ski I just got. Granted 3/4 posts have been along those lines, but that's not saying much since I just got an account the other day.

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