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    stock 2004 gtx 4tec.. What prop to go with??

    i need to replace my prop and im up in the air as to which one to go with. I would like maybe 1 -2 mph top end without losing a ton of low end. IS skat track a good brand?? my uncle has a 2004 stx 1500f and i want to beat him. what to do???

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    Go with a Solas. Better in a Sea doo

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    i was told by a guy i know that works at a seadoo dealer to go with skat track. im not sure what pitch but he said its close to stock. what pitch would fit me best?

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    All it will take to beat me is $$$$$$$$$$. I just hope you can drive a ski better than you drive an M3 wait I ment M3's as in more than one.

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    Welcome to the forum...

    3 blades = low end increase.
    4 blades = top end increase.

    Either should help in the mid-range.

    The Solas 12/20 is closest to the stock pitch. The Solas 13/20 is included in the Riva Stage I.

    The answer to your question is as easy as whether you want low end acceleration or top end. If you want top end, you will have to choose one or the other (12/20 or 13/20)

    MOST members here mod for top speed and those that have 185 experience will encourage the 4-blades. Some opt for the 12/20, others the 13/20. --J

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