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    1999 1200xl carb/primer/choke

    First I want to thank everyone for answering my questions lately. Im a noob when it comes to rebuilding engines/carbs but I'm getting through it.

    Second, Im rebuilding the carbs and removing the accelerator pump so I've ordered the 110 pilot and 120 mains as recommended on this forum. This means I need a primer kit. I plan on adding some Riva F/As as well. I wanted to keep the choke intact (just in case), but after reading endless hours about primers, the different types, where to install them, etc, i dont know if I should remove the choke. According to posts if I remove the plates I need to order 125 mains instead so there goes more $$.

    So my questions are this
    1) Can I run the ski with the 120 mains and choke plates removed without any risk? Perhaps I could just back out the adjusting screws a little more to compensate?
    2) Assuming the choke stays intact, is it better to connect a primer kit to the oil injection lines or the accelerator pump nipples? I believe the accelerator pump nipples would be in a better location since they are little further down the shaft and I believe are a little bigger around.

    Thanks again

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    I have the 2000 xl with 1300 cylinders, I use the choke and I dont have any primers and its OK, first start of the day takes a few extra cranks but after that its cranks right up, maybe if you take just the cam off the throttle shaft and leave the acc. pumps on and if you can reach to the third carb and give it a couple pumps would work to but I found I didnt need to

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