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    new problem

    If I start my ski and try to take off quick it will simply "bog" I guess. But if I bounce it (enough to get the intake grate somewhat out of the water) it will take off like a mother. Any Ideas?????? I was thinking maybe to rich, but is that on the low speed or the high? It also seems to do it in a sharp turn (more lefts than rights) but it is both directions. other than that the top speed is good (lower than I remember but good). Also I seem to get the idle set 1200-1300 but run it for a while turn it off and restart and the idle is loww again, 800-950. I enjoy riding it but if I dont get it soon my wife may KILL me. Please help.

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    Has anything been done to the carbs as of late?
    Have you read Randys tutorial for tuning? "Tuning tips for girls"

    "If it blubbers like a schoolgirl trying to guzzle a quart of beer, then it's too rich on the low speed screws..
    If it falls flat on the line (like someone punched you in the stomach).. It's too lean on the low speed screws."

    It sounds like it is blubbering eh? If so tweek the lows in a lil bit, and she what she will do. When ya think you got it right, be sure to check the piston wash.

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    What watercraft is this? If it's a domestic with Keihin 40 carbs, try turning the low speed screws out 1/8 turn at a time until it goes's most likely a little lean on the bottom. But make sure the carbs are clean and in otherwise good working order.

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    I run 1 tank of sea foam everyspring to keep everything real clean. This is a 96 slx 780 with mikuni carbs I have tried to adjust my lows but nothing seems to change. Could something be wrong with the impeller? I am doubting myself here so alittle help would be nice, to rich turn screw in?
    Thanks guys

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