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Thread: cuts off up top

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    cuts off up top

    so i get my 700 running and it needed some spark plugs cause it was breaking up bad. So i changed them out and it ran perfect for about an hour.

    Then out of nowhere i would give it gas (partial or full does not matter) and after around 3-5 seconds it cuts off and bogs till idle, then you can just repeat the cycle over and over. It runs perfectly fine for those 5 seconds but it just bogs till idle after that

    any suggestions?? thanks alot

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    Pull your spark plugs out and they will tell you what's going on.

    Black is fouled, dry is lean (no fuel). You could have easily fouled another set, from old gas or rich carburetion.

    Welcome to GH!

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    so i put some new spark plugs in it and it still does the same thing. Would it make sense if someone messed with some adj. screws on the carb?

    i took it out again and it only does it at WOT. like a can rev it high at partial throttle but i cant give it WOT for longer than a couple of seconds.

    sorry im just new to this whole carb business

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    sounds like plugged internal carb filters,,

    not a tough thing to do,,, just takes a little time and is VERY cheap compared to replacing a motor when it cooks from being lean...

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