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Thread: wash engine ?

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    wash engine ?

    can i wash engine compartment with salt terminator or soap ?

    no matter how much crc i spray in there i have salt build up on some parts .

    thanks guys ?

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    From what I have heard washing out engine compartments are bad for cars/trucks. Not sure if this extends to pwcs or not tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaptownKawi View Post
    From what I have heard washing out engine compartments are bad for cars/trucks. Not sure if this extends to pwcs or not tho.
    not sure where you got that info from i have always washed my truck/car motors down and always wash the inside of my ski out including the motor with soap and a pressure washer after every ride as long as you dry it out after it will be fine. use an air hose or garden blower and lift the front of the ski up and blow inside the hull all the water will run to the back out the bungs. then in a day or so coat it all with a lanolin spray or similar been doing this since new and that is how it still looks after 80 odd hrs.

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    Check my pics.
    I ve been washing my 250's/260's like that since 07.

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    I wash with Saltaway after every second or third use with no problem.

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    did it today no problems , but it seems no matter ow much i clean it or spraywith crc i get salt build up on rear part of engine bad , looks like its been under water for 2 weeks , lol

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    I rinse the engine and engine bay with fresh water, then I spray it with soapy water using a spray bottle, then I rinse it with the hose and let dry with the seat off and the plug out. Finally I spray the metal surfaces with LPS-2, Corrosion-X, ACF-50 or rust check. The CPC manufactures will all claim their candy is best. If you do this every 3-4 times out and water rinse after a salt water ride you should be fine.

    I don't like pressure washers as they drive shit in under the seals and into electrical connections, relays, cracks and small gasket surface voids. If however used correctly with due caution they can work well.

    Manufacturers description

    Imagine a world without corrosion! Just thinkżno rust, less maintenance, cleaner engines, greater reliability, higher residual machine value. How much easier things would be! Now imagine a highly sophisticated, non-toxic, active, thin film water-displacing compound. A compound with salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors that stays active for up to 12 months. A lubricant so advanced that it is approved for electrical components (40Kv dielectric yet NO electrical contact resistance). A product that will stop existing corrosion as well as preventing it from starting. A product that was developed to help jet aircraft stay airborne. As close to ZERO CORROSION as nature will allow.

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    I can't tell you all enough about how important it is to finish the wash with a coat of crc-56 or fluidfilm; this protects your metal the next time you ride; kind of like a well waxed car; it washes up much better than when it's raw paint.


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