For any of you Ultra 150 mechanics

I rode my ski Saturday, 3' swells and lots of fun...then I let my Father in law ride the ultra while I manned the XL.
He pulls away and is bragging on hitting 65 on the dreamometer...
About 15 minutes later he tells me that the motor seems "off" and that the tiny tach indicates that the motor will not rev over 4k rpm.
I visually inspect the cooling lines, look for missing plug connections, and crank the ski with no problems seen.
I run the ski to WOT for 50 yds then decelerate and turn. The engine now only revs to 3800 rpm and I idle to the ramp. At the ramp the engine stops suddenly with a CLUNK.

Oh sh!t! I press the start button and CLUNK again.

Pull the heads, no sign of piston shattering...bores show factory hatch marks.

Spin the motor over and hear a loud screeching grinding noise from the rear of the craft.

Inspection of the pump showed the impeller rubbing the housing.

Previous owner only used one bolt to hold the 2 halves together. I remove all shims to compensate for the impeller wear and now can only achieve 0.045" clearance.

So Im waiting on a stock impeller.

Just wanted to share. And I need a stock impeller, have one for sale?