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Thread: Advent Problems

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    Advent Problems

    Tested a brand new Advent CDI with remote switch this weekend and had problems. I first treid the Yamaha 83 stock curve and my ski bogged heavily. I changed the plugs and still had problems. I then switched to Yamaha 84 curve and instanly gained 100 rpm's with significant acceleration increase. I had similar results with the Yamaha 59 curve. After riding for several hours with the 84 curve my ski started to bog. Tried new plugs and still bogged. When I tried to shut my ski off It would not stop with the stop button or by pulling the lanyard. I had to yank a plug wire. I think the Avent is cooked. Has anyone else had these problems?

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    I didn't have that same problem...but, my issue was my Advent worked fine except for the fact that I didn't have any display on my dash. Sent it back and got a new one...then the new one died in the middle of the creek and benny had to come get, now I'm on my 3rd one and so far so good. We'll see...but I have trust issues


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    Send it back and have them repair it. Similar thing happened to me. You may want to reinstall a good CDI just to make sure that's the problem before you ship it off.

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