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    polaris 780 slt problem

    have a 96 polaris slt 780 which is in the limp mode ,bad float i believe
    is it true that if i pull the wires leading into the sending unit and
    install a 100 hom resister ,that this will make the box believe there is gas
    in the tank and i will trick it into gettin it out of limp mode ,i dont care about the gauge at this point ,becouse i fuel it up every time i take it out
    or is there another proven quick fix i can do with out removing the sending unit
    any helpful information would be great ,,thanx Robert

    ok ok i have done this the low fuel light is out and i am reading 1/2 a tank
    however starts fantastic ,idles great and runs great up 1/2 throttle to 41-4200 rpm
    still stuck in limp mode ??? ANY SUGESTIONS HERE WHAT TO LOOK FOR OR TRY NEXT ??i see some posts about disconectong tan or grey wire in the cdi is it inside where i would do it ?? also where bouts ??

    any other tips would be great this is my first pwc and if i dont figure it out it'll be the last lol

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    If you don't have any warning on the display, your LR-52 may be a problem. You can bypass the 52 by pulling the grey wire from the cdi from the grey terminal where its connected to the 52, and place it on the tan terminal with the temperature sender and mfd. If it over heats it will still go into limp as the temp switch will ground the cdis grey wire.
    Do that and see how it goes.
    In 97 they did away with the LR-52 on the 780. Compare the schematics of 96 and 97 sl slt 780s.

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