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    Talking power valve setup

    hi guys does anyone know how to setup my power valves for my 1998 gp 800 must i have them full open and then tension the cables or maby full closed then tension the cables

    thanks guys

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    Closed,,, also need to have a 1/8" diameter pin (blank end of a drill bit works) placed into the PV pulley. It should line up with a 1/8" hole in the PTO cylinder. Insert it through the pully and line it up with the hole in the cylinder..push the pin into the hole in the cylinder..the PV pulley should not move from that position while you make all adjustements..After you have adjusted the tension remove the pin and bump the starter so the PV servo moves (cycles) and listen for a buzzing or whinning noise after it cycles to make sure the servo is not in a strain to keep the PV closed...If you hear that kind of noise you have it out of adjustment. The servo should not be in a constant strain to hold the PVs closed... Adjust a little at a time....It is a PITArse some times...hope that helps...

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