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    2009 model difference

    So I want a new 2009 Yamaha. Can someone tell me what the difference in the FX SHO and the FZS are. I looked on the Yamaha website and on the specs they seem almost the same except for 14 LBS difference, and storage capacity. They are the same Length, width, ETC... Thanks, Ronnie

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    I went to the Yamaha dealer today and found out the answer to my question. The FZS handlebars are more upright and telescope up and down Vs the FX SHO move back and forth. This is for a more comfortable ride while standing. The FZS also does not have the cruise and no wake mode. the hull on the FZS has a diffrent hull for faster corning and handeling.

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    You might want to also read through this thread,

    theres a few guys with a lot of feedback on how each handles different situations.... I'm still waiting for a friend to pick up a boat in my driveway but soon as it's gone, I have an FZ/S in my future. Hopefully this week.

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