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    Help....where is the reset button?

    My mdf has stopped working...had a loose battery cable....manual says to try the reset button on electrical box cover. the manual has a picture of box on top of slt 780 does not have the box on top of battery. Where is reset button and/or fuse? Jet ski will start and run normally.

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    Click below for service manuals and parts diagrams.

    The Reset button is for the entire electrical system, and is always located on the outside of the electrical box. Your box may be beside or near the battery.

    If your engine runs, the Reset button is not the problem.

    There are one or two fuses inside the electrical box. One of those fuses is for the MFD display.

    Disconnect the battery negative wire, and set it aside.

    Open the electrical box, and look for the 1/4 Amp fuse, which is the fuse for the MFD. Only replace it with another 1/4 Amp fuse, not a higher Amp fuse.

    Radio Shack is one source for these fuses.

    If you have a bilge pump, then there will be another fuse in there for the bilge pump. It is a 3 Amp fuse.

    Replace the MFD fuse, close up the electrical box (make sure the rubber seal around the rim is in position), and re-connect the battery.

    When you connect the battery, try to make one solid contact with the cable end, then hold it tight to the battery post while you tighten the bolt. That will minimize the electrical surges from bouncing the cable against the battery post.

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