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    Overheating issues 96xp

    So I turned the high speed adj 1/8 a turn out to give it a little more gas on the top end due to removing the intake box and the low speed adj 1/4 out to cure an off idle issue. The bike ran great for a little bit then I noticed a buzzing noise. Apparently my center display doesn't work correctly as I didn't see any lights. I pulled over and investigated. It seems its the overheat sensor. Now could the changes richen in up a bit cause it to overheat? I thought if anything it would cool it down a bit... From the start I was down a 100 rpm but even at full throttle the rpm was steady between 6710-6720 never dropping. The only other thing I can think of is a faulty sensor or possibly debris stuck in the cooling system. I removed the hose between the stinger and head and the stinger shot water, same with the intake to the head. The only part I didn't check was from the waterbox regulator to the exhaust manifold.

    Any other ideas?

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    First off, you are lucky you didn't burn a piston. There is no way you can go from stock screens to no screens without rejetting and lowering pop-off. Down 100 rpms means it's lean.

    Overheating is probably just a bad sensor on the head...or the wire came loose and touched ground. It's a normally open switch. Did you feel the engine or look at the tan wire to confirm it is on the sensor?

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    I didn't remove the screens, just the blackbox around it. I got another temp sensor that I will most likely put on this weekend at the lake if it acts up again.

    So the settings changes I made wouldn't have affected it in any way right? Coming from the 4 cycle world more fuel = cooler. I have the idle right at 1400 in the water and a little bit over 3k on trailer with barely any hesitation going from idle to wot in water.

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    Yes, you didn't hurt anything by removing the outer box.

    Just an easy tip, if you unplug the sensor and electrical tape the wire, so that it cannot touch ground, the beeping should stop. Otherwise, you might have MPEM issues.

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