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    raider or blaster 2?

    I am shopping for a new ski. I primarily ski in a lake with 2-4 ft. waves and am not overly concerned with top speed (more of a bonus). I am looking at either a raider 700/1100, or a blaster 2 760. I am looking for something that may be able to catch some air and cruise around with our 800 XPs. Between the raider and blaster2 I mentioned which would better fit my needs? Are either more reliable than the other? I am aware of the older blaster 1s but dont think my girl would enjoy the instability.

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    Single pipe 66mph get a GPppppppppppppppppppppppp

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    GP seems a bit more expensive. Havnt seen one for under 3k. Both the others I can pick up around half that.

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    Def a WB II - FUn skis!!

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    the b2 would be my choice too...

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    I've owned both machines here's what I'd do...

    I've had them both and prefer the Waveblaster II, however if where you ride is allways choopy waves, the Blaster will start to beat you up. Keep in mind Blaster II's are 2 seaters, but if either of you are large it's tougher to balance than the Raider. The Raider will definetly cut throught the waves better, but it will get you wet, much more than any other pwc. Raiders are faster too. The 760 in the WBII is reliable, but if you buy a 700 Raider the 700 are much more reliable, and just as fast if not faster than a WBII. With all this being said, I wish I still had a WBII.

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