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    99 kawa 150 utra help please

    Just bought my 2nd ski, a 99 kawa ultra 150 with 96 hours on it. It ran great for the demo when I bought it. I brought it home, gave my wife a ride, and promptly ran the oil tank dry. It shut off as it was supposed to...please tell me it was supposed to...and I rescue swam it and my wife to the dock. I refilled the oil tank last night and it took awhile to start. After it fired, it did not have the same snap as before. The first night it would almost throw me off the back from a standing start, but last night it had no snap. The prev night it would topend at 64 per the speedo and last night 53 was it. After 45 min of riding it started laying out to idle from full throttle by itself. I would repeatedly wick the throttle and it would then take off again to the 50 mph or so. I only have an 8 acre lake so I turn alot. after a partial throttle turn, I would again expereince the laying out and sometimes the engine would die. I'm thinking a fuel delivery problem but my diagnostic skills are in the early stages yet. I did notice the fuel filter towards the rear port side of the block was totally empty after getting it back in the garage. I'm hoping to blow the gas line out backwards tonight and see if debris isn't the culprit. Any thoughts/ideas appreciated. I've been a lurker here for awhile but would actually like to contibute now and then. Thanx, RT

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    The ultra does not have a shut off if the oil gets low. First thing you need to do is make sure you have bleed the oil lines and oil is now getting to the carbs and the balancers, then you need to do a compression check and make sure you didnt ruin a piston, if the compression checks ok I would premix oil and gas to make sure you are getting oil to the engine and try and run it again and see what happens. I am betting you messed up a ring and have a dead cylinder and that is why it is running rough.

    keep us posted on your progress.

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    of course that's not what I wanted to hear, but thanx for the info. I figured to pick up a compression tester on the way home. Thanx again, RT

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    work done

    the cyl compression is 123#'s in all three...I was never so happy to see 3 high and equal #'s! I didn't run it outta oil, as the seller had just put in a quart. I took the airbox off, the fuel pump apart (the diaphragm was perfect). I did put on a new fuel filter. I haven't looked at the pickup in the tank. Negative oral pressure (arkansas credit card method) applied to the line to the fuel filter showed gas coming up with ease. The fuel switch was clean/clear and easy to blow through. I put it back in the water and it ran great for 2 passes after a warm up, and then started laying out again mid run. would it be time well spent to remove the carbs? Is there a way to effectively check the neg pressure from the case to the fuel pump? I'll take the carbs of tonight and see where that gets me. Thanx, RT

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    If the case did not have pressure you wouldn't be running like you are. If comp and plugs are good then I would start with fuel.
    1. Simple things first, try running it on reserve.
    2. Run it on the trailer at the dock and look to see if your fuel filter is full. If the filter is only half full then you have a cracked line or busted pickup, most likely a cracked line if it is not stock. Remember that it could be the return line just as much as the pickup line, the sytem needs pressure to work proporly. Let us know what happens.

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