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    any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

    i have a 04 rxp with an x-charger 42lbs injectors,intake thru hull 15/20 riva intercooler, the problem i am having is pulling fulll rpm i went out last week and was at 8050-8100 all day i pulled the ski out today and cant get it above 7700 in neutral position. i checked my slip it was at 100 inch lbs i shimmed it to 120 inch lbs, ive replaced the plugs, the oil is at the bottom of the dipstick, compression is at 130,130,125, out of the gate it bangs off the limiter then dies off i am out of ideas any help guys im new to the seadoo been a yami/kawi for a long time

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    Another thing to check is the carbon seal to see if it's sucking in air causing you to bang the limiter and causing a slight loss in rpms on top.

    Here are two threads that might help also to try and find your problem:

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    Out of interest how long have you been running the X charger with 42s?

    I have just installed these mods and im interested in the reliability

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    pop in a new set of 42s and see what that does for you.

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