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    98 xl1200 npv suggested hopup parts

    Newbie XL1200 npv here wondering best way to increase hp to match PVs models 155hp output. I have raced 2stroke dirtbikes, and understand what makes a rocket (pipe, carb, porting etc. Need your advice on the most bang for the buck with bolt ones (no porting etc) keeping COSTS,fuel usage and reliability resonable. Not looking for racer, just a bit more go. Any used parts out there?? Tkx PC FLA

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    how much you want to spend it costs a lot to get these to go fast i think a Jims modded plate ,pump shoe seal and intake grate is a good start

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    cut the head, rejet carbs, flame arrestors in addition to what was mention previously
    Prop??? mybe a used aftermarket intake on e-bay

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    I just finished rebuild my XL1200 with forged pistons, LA Sleeves, jet kit, K&N F/A, Carbon Tech reeds, ProTec reed cage inserts, Triton billet aluminum cylinder head, ProTec ride plate and intake grate. From what I have read, the stock XL1200s were overpropped from the start, so modifying the engine to match the prop may be your best bet.

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