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    wave blaster conversion??

    has anyone ever tried or thought of doing a conversion in a wb hull like a 1100 motor or a 800 pv motor??

    think it would be a fun ski rite??

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    Did it (Blaster 2) with an 1100 engine 13 years ago...went 60mph and reacted like it was made to have an 1100 engine in it.

    Cut buoys like nobody's business...sounded bad as heck on the trailer on the ramp.

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    Frank put a 66E in a Waveblaster few years ago. He had more photos on pwctoday but here is his X build

    There is also someone that has a waveblaster with a 66E and twin pipes but I can't think of the name right now

    Luke is putting a 1100 in a blaster not sure if its done or not but he has posted over here and on x-h20 name NelsonLT1

    Edit: Lukes build on X

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    all the above has been done a few times.

    peeps are now doing seadoo 951's in b1's and b2's

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