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Thread: Cleaning engine

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    Cleaning engine

    So how does everyone clean their engine. Do you spray soapy water on everything then rinse and let it drain out plugs or what??? Their is a slight build up of salt on some things and i want to remove it now. I have the XP lube??? that corrision proof, do i spray that on everything?? I was wondering what everyones thoughts were????

    Also if you look where the plugs are there are these white balls behind the threads, are they dummy proof incase you forget to put your plugs in they serve as a stop for water entering???

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    yeah they are "dummy balls" they're check valves that allow water to only flow out...but i've heard of them getting stuck and not functioning properly....i like to do a motor flush and then you can go into the engine compartment with salt away..... i usually will just spray the motor down with a little fresh water, wipe dry, and coat with the bomb lube...don't use the bomb lube for electrical can get a special die-electric grease for that.... if you do get a hose in the engine compartment just mind what you squirt....

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    dude , you asked this before, did you lose the thread or what??
    try the seach engine too, it works

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    Suzuki Motorcycle Wash is the best stuff ever for cleaning the engine compartment and will not harm anything.

    Follow up with some SeaDoo (XP-S LUBE) spray on everything except carbon ring
    I personally use Maxima MPPL instead of SeaDoo LUBE it seems to last longer

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    yea I lost the thread and when i tried to search it kept coming up with error. What all do i need to worry about when spraying with water, just the air filter? What do you mean dont spray carbon ring?
    sorry so many questions but i want to get this right

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