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    haha talk about bad luck

    went to lake nacimiento with my neighbor for four days... first off.... we had to replace two tires that some how went bad on the jetski trailer..

    then then next morning as we drove there the camper trailer decided to have a flat....

    we take off..... no more than 2 miles later we ancounter another problem... the bracket that holds the spare on the boat came loose and he was dragging the spare on the 5 freeway through the grapevine!

    we pull over and take it out. no biggie right???? well lets hope thats the last flat!

    the next morning we had another flat on the jetski trailer *new tires* so we swithced it with the spare... we pump it up and just say we will switch it later since its a kind of low add to that the camper's batteries somehow died????!?!?!? WTF they are brand new!!!

    so we go riding.. we do a few doughnuts and stuff in the water and his gp 1200 statrs getting very unstable... we say what ever.. and keep going.

    NOw the problem beings... he is riding it and does a really long doughnut *the ski is basically underwater at this point* and it boggs out.. he goes to try and start it... nada... so to avoid any problems we wait a sec and notice that the footchannels are filling with water... turns out the f*cking thing is sinkig!!!! i jump ff my ski and help him sim it to shore where we pull off the seat to see it filled to the rop with water. we completely beach it and turn it to its side and drain the water. waiting a while we try to start it... nada sooo much compression in the heads that we know the pistons have sucked in water...

    we tie a rope to it and drag it back to the dock *not sinking anymore* and on the way back (note this is about a two mile drive back if not more due to nacimientos size) about half way there my buddy who sank the ski sitting backwards gets hit by the tow rope because it snaps..... WTF its a 300lbs tested tow rope... hes ok so we keep drving back after re-tieing hte skis ... so we put it back on the trailer and say well f*ck we will fix it later lets just ride the 760 and go wakeboarding in the boat. so we do that... and as the day ends we get back to camp and pull the plugs on the 1200.... in order to drain the water we start to crank it *we dont have a toolkit to out name when we did this ... all we brought was a crescent wrench* that 1200 made our campsite look like the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas no joke... water from each of the three cylinders for atleast the first two minutes was shopooting out 15-20 + feet in the air. so we do that for a while and let it sit for the night and part of the next day in order to let the rest evaporate out..... the next morning at 5:30 we had a 4.7 earthquake... the epeicenter being 5 miles from our camp. to add to that... the spare was already flat too!!!! just great ya know.....

    finally good news right??? its about 3 pm in the afternoon and we start turning the motor... well it turns over and no water is shooting out... so we gave each carb some ether and also into each sparkplug hole...

    after repeatedly doing that and cleaning off the plugs.... SHE STARTS!!!!!

    exstatic all of us grab a lifevest and run to the water with the skis and boat in tow.

    so it looks like the ed of our misfortune right???

    WRONG!!! just as we are turning around at the END of one side of the lake.... TWO plugs foul. D'OH!

    welll we let it idle all the way back... put them both up on the trailer and just wakeboarded/rode the boat the rest of the day..... with our tails between our legs.

    so its finally time to leave the camp... we are all packed up tires inflated nothing looking bad...

    we get down... drive about 60 miles to the main highway and fill up.

    ironically we met up with an old buddy who moved to sacramento and we havnt seen for atleast 4 years.

    hoping we have seen the worst we leave Loves gas and drive back home...

    not even 5 minutes after we leave the gas station...

    THE BOAT TRAILER GETS A FLAT! the trailer brakes lock up and the thing skids to a hault.

    we change it and get on our marry way praying to the tire gods that nothing else goes wrong...

    in the end we went through 6 some tires.... major headache.... 2 sparkplugs

    and one hell of an adventure.

    here are the only pics i got of us chaing tires.
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    I am buying stock in Goodyear!

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    Dam thats some luck .....

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    Reminds me of a song they used to play on "Hee Haw"
    " True, dispair, and agony on me. Deep dark depression excessive misery"
    At least it seems you had some fun.
    Going to Nac. at the end of July. Hope you got all the debris out of the road, nails, or what ever was eatin' your tires. What a drag!!

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    haha lets hope so!

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