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    1999 XLT 1200 Throttle sticking

    I take my ski to the lake starts up runs fine go riding for awhile, No issues, When I beach it for awhile, Then get back on it, It tries to take off if i pull the throttle to go, it just stays down and slow comes back up, like someone is pulling against the cable and then letting go slowly. So now, I have to baby the throttle and it will eventually after about 2-3 minutes start working fine....Any idea what would cause this? Should i put some grease on the cable?

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    Yes, most 2 stroke yamaha's do have this problem. Read this thread

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    That wasn't the thread i was hoping you were directing me to, I am not really capable of that kind of work....

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    Where are from? If throttle cable is starting to stick its time for a new one. If you can't do the work yourself you can find a dealer or a shop by you to do it.

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    i live in tyler tx do u have its a cable issue or carb issue?? The carbs were gone thru when motor was rebuilt 10 hrs ago??

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    You need to get in contact with oside bill. He is the carb man. He is all over this site and he does the best work for the lowest price. He is a super nice guy too.

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