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    help with a 95 750 slt

    Ok, I read the trouble shooting guide and did a search and read a bunch of pages but I am still not sure what I need to do. I don't really know much about carb tuning and when I read the guides I am still unsure.

    So today a friend of the family dropped off this 750slt that "doesnt work" and apparently I'm supposed to know how to fix it because I ride an rxp

    It wouldnt run when I got it this morning so I opened up the shop manual and went to it. After looking over it the only things I found wrong were that it had the wrong spark plugs in it, and the carbs were set way off from the factory spec.
    So I put in new spark plugs and set the carb needles to the specs in the book. Starts right up. I took it to the water to test it out. It seemed to run well, max rpm was ~6400, is that close to where they should be?
    Throttle response seems good all around. I can cruise at 1/4 throttle, then nail it with no problems. I can go full throttle, then let go completely with no problems.
    The problem is at idle. It will idle smooth, but it will very slowly loose rpms at idle the longer I sit until after a few minutes, it will die. Also, if I let it idle for more than 10 seconds then hit the throttle, it will hesitate or sometimes die. If I roll onto the throttle it will work just fine no matter how long I have been at idle.
    I know that if the low needle is too lean it can cause that hesitation, but does it also cause the idle to slow down until it dies? Could pop off pressure have anything to do with it. Like I said, I dont know much about carbs.
    Someone please help me go in the right direction.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give a good explination of my problem.

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    Very good explenation.

    Sounds like it's "loading up" at idle.

    Could be a couple things if so:

    Stuck needle and seat, wrong size jets, leaky antisiphon valve, or too low of a pop off.

    Either way, the carbs will need to come apart to tell.

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to rebuild the carbs and replace the fuel lines and filters if you're doing this service for him.

    When doing fuel hoses, the return has a brass restrictor installed into the hose near the carbs. It MUST be reinstalled to make fuel pressure.

    Also replace the stock fuel pump with a Mikuni triple outlet for insurance purposes.

    New hoses, rebuild kits, and a fuel pump will run your buddy around $150 in parts. Well worth the $$$ if it hasn't been maintained.

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