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    1996 SL 700 dies

    just bought a 1996 SL 700 and it cranked fine,i could not water test it,took it to my local lake and it ran great for about 15 minutes then died and would not restart,it would turn over but not run, checked it at home and no fire,after reading about battery issues i replaced that and it fired right up,took it to the lake today and it died again after it got warm,got it back home it fired right up,i am stumped. i did check and the CDI box has the part # crossed out and new # written in yellow so i know that has been changed,any help would be appreciated ,this is my first Polaris.

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    Sounds like you have been doing some Greenhulk homework

    I would put a meter on the battery, and check the voltage with the engine running. Perhaps the battery is not being charged?

    As soon as the engine starts, voltage should jump up above 13.5 volts, optimal is about 14.5 volts.

    After that check, I would start looking for a wiring problem, like the stop switch on the Black/Yellow wire.

    When it dies, and you try to restart, does it crank strongly, or seem to struggle to crank?

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    it turns over very strongly while i was still in the water,as stated it cranked right up when i got home so the battery seemed to still have plenty of power.the ski seems to die after about 15 minutes of running and will restart after a long cool down,i have been reading a lot on these issues i just figured some of the more experienced guys could help me out faster.I just wanted to add that this website is awesome,a lot of info if you are willing to read and very smart Polaris people on this site,some sites will put you out for asking newbie questions,this site is the best,10 stars is not enough.

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    The 700 usually sounds like it is cranking pretty fast, 1 of the signs of a weak battery is that it will start -out of the water.
    It is real important to test the voltage while cranking with a voltmeter,you need 10.5 or better.

    Another thing you should check is the little screen for the cooling system,located in the jet pump outlet (where the tube connects to it) if it is plugged it will overheat.

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