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    ID lock help please

    I did this once before already, I saved the password to something i would remember, now i went to start up the jet ski as im going out tomorrow and i decided to lock it again just to make sure i can unlock it at the river, and i locked it and i cant unlock the fucking thing again. ugh. Can someone please tell me the procedure on how to do this again. I have an 04 r-12x.

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    thank god i got it to work, i was putting in the password wrong, however, if someone has the instruction about the the cable to disconnect and the button u hold for like 9 seconds, id appreciate it if you would message me with them. I'd really like to have them for future mishaps.

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    Try the FAQ how-to section. it's there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NitroShark View Post
    Try the FAQ how-to section. it's there.

    Thanks shawn!

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