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    Can you still buy parts for tigersharks

    Can you still buy parts for tigersharks

    I am considering buying a 3 seater tigershark 770 ,98 or 99 .Mainly because of the low resale value and the fact that it won't get a lot of use .I thought they were a decent machine at the time.
    Can you still get all the parts and is any of it interchangeable with yamaha parts.I seem to remember the starters being the same.
    I would prefer a yamaha 800 since I have lots of 701 ,760 parts for my super jets and b1 but like I said I can pick up tiger sharks for 10000-1500

    Is there any difference between a 98 and 99 ts770l

    I was looking at a triple but have never been a big fan of triples.How have the tigershark triples been as far as durability

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    yes you can still get parts for them. You just have to know where to look. I'm not to sure about parts availability for the L models though. Parts comparison for yamaha and TS not to much the same. The older yamahas have the same solinoid used in the tigersharks. I'm not sure if the starters are the same.

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  4. #4 can get most arctic cat tigershark parts they have the parts diagram on most also. Be aware that you will pay retail price though. You can also find some parts on ebay. I have gotten a few things on there for my TS1100Li. Hope this helps!!!

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