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    FS: 98 GSX Limited 951 with Mods (needs work)

    Hey everyone,

    I just dont use this thing enough, and have enough other toys that this thing has to go. I last rode it about a month ago, had it apart to rebuild the RAVE valves, and now when I went to start it again, I have no spark. Frankly, I've just lost interest in it. From what i understand this is probably caused by a bad ground. Ive already replaced the ground between the MPEM and the battery, and that made no difference. I dont think anything that could be wrong with it is a very expensive fix, so my loss is your gain!

    VTS does work on this boat, however the trim rod i have is modified because the plastic end broke off so i put a bolt through it to make it work.

    Gas Gauge does not work.

    It has 130 hours on it, about 12 hours on a brand new motor that I had an engine builder put together (not SBT), bored out first over. I had the carbs rebuilt at the same time, and a jet kit installed. RAVE valves are also freshly rebuilt. This motor really flys!

    Bens Secret Mods Jet Kit w/o Accel pump
    ADA Racing Head 50cc domes (165psi both cyl)
    Solas 15/20 Prop
    I have a 97.5 GSXL White pipe that has not yet been installed, but for the right price would go with the ski
    I also have the stock head for it.

    I would like 2400 OBO on the trailer, a 1997 Snug Harbor single place, 2 new tires + used spare, trailer has bearing buddies. Have all titles!

    Pics! ,

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    Wrong coast im in eastern PA

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