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    Question Jumping the '96 XP

    I've read these forums for quite a few years now but have never really posted before. I do however, have a quick question. I have a virtually stock '96 XP. I really love jumping it, but I sometimes notice when I take the seat off, the battery seems go get out of place. So I guess my question is, is it bad for the ski to be jumped without any mods??? ~thanks for the advice

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    do you not have a strap to hold the battery down? if not you should get one. what mods are you talking about? the only thing that i have on my stock 96XP is a bilge pump. you dont really need it but if you put it under the water a lot when jumping id get one. I jump my XP a lot and ive never had a problem...

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    nahh I don't/ have never had a problem, it's just precautionary. I just wanted to hear other peoples experience with jumping them. that's all. Thanks for the input

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    Jumping is hard on them no matter what. Mods have nothing to do with it (in fact, some mods may make them more vulnerable while jumping).

    I love to jump. But in choosing to do so I am undertaking the burden of a more frequent maintenance cycle (pipe mounts wear out faster, bolts work loose, ect). You need to stay on top of things if you jump a lot or you will get bitten.

    I have a good little list of stuff I have broken while jumping and it was worth every penny.

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    On a stock ski a Skat 16/24 swirl would make it hit much harder, and respond better...especially in the ocean.

    When you master the art of jumping an X-4, the wear items basically go away. Such as engine mounts...when you learn to jump a certain size wave and refrain from smaller, the "casing" (landing hard flat), is what kills the parts.

    Get a bilge pump if you haven't already. Stay vertical and sky that baby!!!

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    hahah awesome, thanks guys! I look everything over pretty frequently every time it comes out of the water.

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