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Thread: 99 slx carbs

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    99 slx carbs

    I just put a new set of carburetors & fuel lines on my 1999 SLX 1050. I couldn't get the accelerator pump to work on the carbs. The accelerator pump lines are dry but the ski ran good except hard starting & the lean bog on take off. Is there a trick to get the accelerator pump working? These were brand new carbs.

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    Hey Darren,Yes there is a trick to help them work. Use a long screw driver to push the accel pump plunger in (further off the cam than normal) while it is running,this will help refill the resvoir.
    I've done this a bunch of times to get the pump to work on a bunch of different carb's. My friends carb's (used ) pump had to soak with gas for a while,than did it again and it worked.

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    Thanks for the tip. I hope the screwdriver trick works. I don't want to take these carbs off again.

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