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    Took the GTX out today.

    I have a few more noob ?s Well i took it out today and it was like glass out there. very calm. At WOT it did 57.2 mph with 1/4 tank. But when i would just cruse say 6700rpms. every once in a while it would feel like it would miss. The motor sounded good. But you would see the rpms drop about 100-300rpms. You think i have a miss. Or just being on the glass water just maybe hitting a small wave in the water? At WOT there was no stumble. But crusing

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    Mine did that at a lower RPM, I think it was 4200 or so. I never figured it out. It felt to me like a coil problem or something electrical. I had a 01' GTX RFI though. I guess you are talking about your 4-Tech though so that would be useless info

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    Mines a 2002 GTX its right around 6500-7000rpms

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