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    Uneven compression--SLT 700 & SL 900

    I'm looking at buying a couple of '95-'96 Polaris'. SLT 700 reads 125/125/100. SL 900 reads 90/125. Both run & start great--look good. Price is good, I think--trailer & both for $2200.

    Do I walk away because of the compression readings? Owner has had both engines rebuilt due to hydrolock. (He stopped twirling them.) He uses synthetic oil only.

    I'm a newbie. Would like to get a couple seasons out of these without major problems. Never had a jetski or powerboat.

    Searched the forum but didn't find answer to question. Aplogies if it's there. Great forum!!!



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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click below for the service manuals, which you may find useful.

    I think 1996 was the first year for both SL700 and SL900. Last two digits of the HIN number plate on rear deck is the model year.

    Those compression numbers indicate that both engines need a top end rebuild, on at least the low compression cylinder.

    Polaris spec is 5% difference in compression PSI between highest and lowest cylinder on the same engine. Some guys run up to 10% difference, but the numbers you posted are outside the allowable range.

    Who did the engine rebuilds?
    If the motors are SBT rebuilds, then many members here would not have high expectations for engine longevity. Others have had reasonable experiences with SBT motors.

    The cause of the low compression also needs to be identified and corrected. On the multi-carburetor engines, a clogged or gummed up carb can damage the piston.

    Click here for some pertinent information regarding the Polaris domestic engines (both 700 and 900 are red domestic engines).

    Both those machines are actually very good PWC. The few problems they have are well known, and easily corrected. They can be quite reliable, if properly maintained.

    Have a look here for some useful PWC buying info, even if you buy a non-Polaris.

    One good thing about Polaris PWC is this forum. Lots of information, lots of support, and links to parts sources.

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    Thanks. Big disappointment!

    Thought we'd be on the water this weekend! We're up in the sticks in northern MN--not a lot of choice up here.

    Great forum.


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