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    tuning and boost leak question

    I went out today tuning some more and did a WOT pull. I averaged around 11.5:1 and 8,000 rpms with the mods in my sig. After docking my ski, it would start, then die immediately. I got it on the trailer and brought it home, tried starting it and the same thing happened, or it would run very rough. Started tinkering with the IC hoses and found the throttle body hose needed more tightening. Fired it right back up and she ran great.

    So obviously I had a boost leak while I was tuning my ski. Now I am assuming that there is an airflow sensor in the intake manifold somewhere so the ECU knows how much fuel to dump. If there is one there, then i'm leaking air before the sensor, would I need to get another A/F pull or should what I have work fine with the increased boost?

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    You need to re-check it.

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