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Thread: help asap

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    help asap

    my motor seems to bind up when try to start it. i can reach up and spin the drive shaft about a 1/4 inch and it will work its way to about a inch. could it be a bad power vale motor it dosent seem to move i thought it did when i hit the sart or shut if off

    what could it be?

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    it feels like its in the front of the motor

    please tell me me its nat a crank

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    Your description is vague...but sadly... it does sound like a broken snout.

    What EXACTLY does "bind up" mean? Does the crank spin, and then stop, or does it do anything??

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    i have it figuerd out
    i thought it had a shaved head turns out the cylinder was decked so when i put a stock head on piston was hitting the head

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