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    Changed my oil filter, now it wont start!!!

    I changed my oil filter today. I started it before I did it, and then went to start it after and all it does is click once! I charged the battery up to 100% then put it in and tried to start again still just one click. Pulled out the battery and it was already back down to 85%. Is my battery bad or does the MFD blinking low oil make it not start? O yea its a 95 slt.

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    A 85% battery charge should still be enough to turn the engine over, but may not fire. Clean the electrical connections from the battery to the ground on the engine bed plate and at the soleniod in the elect. box, and at the starter. If you still have issues, check for volts at the solenoid (Coil side) when pressing the start button. If you have volts, short across the solenoids large terminals with a screw driver and see if the engine will turn over.

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    Where is the soleniod in the elect. box, at? Not real sure on this. IS this how i rule out the battery? I took it up to auto zone yesterday but they would not do a load test on it. Im going to go look to make sure the ground wire is still good in a few ill let you know. Thanks for the help

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    Did ya clean the battery cable ends and try it?

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    O.k. I started pulling on the ground wire while pushing the start button and i got her to fire up!!! But here is my next question is there a better place to ground it to? The spot it is at now is very hard to get to, under the manifold by the starter. I really dont want to try and get it off or try and clean it for a better connection for that matter..Thanks for the help.

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    What year and model are we talking about?

    Are you talking about the heavy wire from the battery negative post to the engine block, or the heavy wire that runs from the electrical box to the starter motor?

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    Its the wire to the block. I just replaced it and she starts easy now. I can't beleive I change the oil filter and then this happens!!! Well im just glad its fixed now

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