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    Arrow what size of piston?

    Hello there, just joined the forom as im having a little trouble with a 1996 polaris sl900. I have took the 3 heads off and i found 3 f**ked pistons, on the manual its size bore size 74.5mm but i have been looking on the net for replacements and they come in 75.5mm,76.5mm,77.5mm. the piston has the mark 78A on the dome.
    i dont know what size of piston is in mine. any help would be much appreciated. thanks deek

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

    You should measure your cylinders to find the correct bore.

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    Can you post up some pics of the damage? Were all std pistons marked 78A? I don't remember my 650 being marked as such. I thought it was a 780 thing.

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    yea i will post pics 2moro mate, the ski is down at a cousins as i have no where in my street to park it up. i will make sure to take pics of the 3 pistons and the 2 barrel heads which are fooked.

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