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    2009 FX SHO Cruiser Catastrophic Engine Failure at 12 Hours

    I am new to Green Hulk Performance, so I hope that I am posting in the right forum and follow the rules and protocols.

    I purchased a new 2009 FX SHO Cruiser in mid May. I was impressed with the machine and its performance. It was everything I expected based upon my research. Returned unit for 10 hour service on 6-9 and picked it up after sevice on 6-12. While using the FX SHO over the weekend, it began performing strangely - slow and hesitating on acceleration. It started dying while running and I could not get it restarted for over thirty minutes, trapping me on the lake. Total run time over that weekend was 1 -2 hours. I took the FX SHO back to the dealer on 6-16 and reported the engine problems. After a number of calls and pleads, the dealer finally looked at the unit on Friday 6-19. After an out of water test, the service technician conducted a full throttle lake test. During the test apparently the FX SHO threw a rod, putting a hole in the left side of the block and the engine seized up. The tech said "it hit so hard that I thought that it had gone through the hull and that the watercraft might sink." Fortunately for him, this did not happen.

    Anyway, since this catastrophic failure I have been working with Yamaha customer service and the dealership to resolve this problem. Apparently this failure will be covered by warranty, although I have been unable to get anyone at Yamaha or the dealership to come right out and say that it is covered, even when asked directly. I suggested that since the unit only had 12 hours and being only a month old that Yamaha should replace the FX SHO with a new unit. They would not consider it. The second best solution, in my mind, would be to expeditiously replace the entire engine with a completefully assembled engine from the factory. Once again, this was out of the question. Instead the dealership has ordered the upper and lower engine sections and will pull my engine from the hull upon arrival and reassemble the rebuilt engine using the periperal componets from my old FX SHO.

    The customer service rep has been no help, difficult to reach (only reach their VM) and very remiss in returning phone calls. I planned on enjoying my FHO SXO this summer and especially over the July 4th holiday when I will have lots of family and friends visiting, looking forward to riding the high performance waverunner. Meanwhile my FX SHO sits outside,uncovered in the dealerships yard for 3+ weeks and I am worried if the waverunner will ever really be right.

    Do any of this forum's members have any suggestions on how to get better warranty response and service from Yamaha and the dealer? And what should I watch for and be concerned about on this engine replacement/rebuild, or should I even accept this fix?

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    welcome to the forum. sorry to her about the engine failure.

    Seeing you had issues with the craft and you returned it back to the dealer for evaluation, you did the correct thing. This craft is also under warranty.

    Now with the failure taking place in "their hands" during a water test, this is obviously under their responsibility. I don't see them replacing the whole craft, but I do beleive they should replace the engine or repair it back to the way it was running when your purchased it.

    Communication varies from dealer to dealer. And they should keep you up to date with the progress of the repair, or you should have the freedom to stop by anytime to see the progress. I do hope you get it repaired soon. I have heard of horror stories where PWC have sit at dealerships for months. I hope this is not the case.

    Please keep us in the loop over your situation.

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    more details please...what city,which dealer,etc. someone on the forum may live by you and know the dealer which may lead to help for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txgp1300r View Post
    more details please...what city,which dealer,etc. someone on the forum may live by you and know the dealer which may lead to help for you.
    I am in your area. The dealership is North Texas Yamaha in Lewisville, Tx.

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    Very rare for a Yamaha to lose an engine like that, they are durable.
    You took them a barely used original engine. They are giving you a rebuilt engine. THAT would pizz me off.

    Unfortunately, the dealer is doing what Yamaha tells them to do.

    Here's the thing; I can tell you that we have two dealers within 30 minutes of our location. One of them employs a mechanic who is well trained and very competent. The other employs a moron who couldn't fix anything correctly the first time, even if his life depended on it.

    1. If you get an experienced, qualified tech who takes his time and does it right, you should be okay. There are some very good mechanics out there.

    2. On the other hand if you are like many others on this forum and you get stuck with an ignorant grease monkey who has no idea how to properly rebuild your ski, then you are SCREWED, and you will constantly be taking it back to the dealer for one problem after another. Pray for the first scenario.

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    I would be willing to bet you had a fuel pump failure as I did. My symptoms were exactly the same prior to the pump failing, leaving me stranded on Lake Lanier for 3.5 hours. I am still peeling from the sunburn!

    I also would inquire as to why a dealership tech would be hammering on your ill ski without properly diagnosing the problem first. The last thing I would be doing is full throttle pulls knowing there is a problem.

    One indication that the pump is failing is the fuel flow meter. At wot you should see over 20.2 gph! If you see a fuel flow drop, you will feel a performance drop. It is the first indication of a problem. I am now adding a fuel pressure guage with digital monitor that will kill my engine ignition should the pressure drop dramatically. Under boost... you had a meltdown. I think your engine failure was more due to the tech pushing your ski in an unsafe lean condition rather than just the simple failure of the pump. Luckily I was not hammering my ski when the pump failed altogether! My dealer fixed it and filed for my Y.E.S. reimbursment coverage.

    Best of luck!

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    you should have knocked a hole in the hull and pushed that b!tch out in the lake and made a call to your insurance co....

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    Question about the fuel pump out-put. I see my full reading jump when i nail the throttle to above 20, but when it plains it goes to 19.5. is this ok?

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    I see about 50psi ...

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