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    Question on Steering problem.

    I purchased this 01 GPR with an unknown problem. You guys were a great help in solving my issues with a pump problem.

    I have another now and have a question.

    While riding the steering seems hard to turn back and forth. Sitting still no issues. My 00 1200R steers like a dream under power. I cannot see any problems or issues in the linkage or cables.

    Any idea why this would happen under power. It almost feels like under power when you try to turn either way it moves some and hits a stop and needs more effort to move past the stop. Thanks in advance.

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    I've never heard of this. How does the steering nozzle out back look? Loose?

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    The steering nozzle looks fine. Nothing appears out of the ordinary that is why I am baffled. I've tried to lube the cables with marine spray grease but that is an impossible task. I've looked over everything I could to figure this out. This is something I deal with b/c I am getting used to it, but when I switch ski's I really notice the issue.

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    Have you pulled the screws out on the nozzle? there should be some sleeves around the screws, just wondering if these are missing or the holes are elongated in the nozzle or something. Might be time to upgrade to the aluminum SHO nozzle.

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    I will look at that. I recently had a motorcycle shop do the wear ring, housing, impeller and pump plug kit. I do not recall if the steering was hard before that or not. I will look tomorrow at the nozzle area to locate these bolts/sleeves. My question to that is, while sitting still if those sleeves were missing, would it be hard to move back and forth?

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