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    2000 GP1200R questions

    I went to look at a 2000 GP1200R today that i was going to trade for, it is a modified boat that has solas 13/19, stinger 3, riva ride plate, riva intake, riva f/a, milled head to 155psi, pump stuffed and sealed, and some other assorted mods, basically was supposed to be a riva stage 2+, I have been told that with the mods on it, it should run 70+, i tested compression first and all cylinders were around 125-130psi (hmmm thought it was a milled head, or is there a problem with rings)

    I then took it to the lake and put it on GPS, it had a top speed of 62.1mph, he had the ride plate shimmed with 5 washers in the rear, the sponsons were all the way down, and has the 3 bar intake, I realize all these things will kill some mph but taking 8-10mph off what it should run? how much will this affect the top speed? any insight here?

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    If the compression was only 130, the only other mods I see that is on the ski that would give it speed would be the riva ride plate and you said it was shimmed down which would make it equal to a stock plate.

    So I would say its running about right for the mods. The stinger 3 has been shown to decrease top speed but improve acceleration. Same with the intake grate.

    I would put a tach on it and see what rpms its turning that prop....this will tell you how strong the engine is.

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    sounds like a fishy deal he told you 155 comp. shaved head and you get 125-130 maybe that ski needs pistons and new rings isnt the stock head 120 comp. you are over that speed sounds about stock .

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