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    GP1200r, just rebuilt carbs, and motor and now its hesitating?

    Ok guys, have had my ski running for a year and 1/2. I put in a new crank, and new piston and motor seems alrite. I had my carbs rebuilt by a member, and installed professionally to avoid mistakes. The mechanic is stating that the bike is hesitating, I saw it and rode it so he's right, when you choke it the ski idles better. The piston that was changed is the back one closest to the electrical box. The mechanic thinks that card ran lean when it blew and that the card is still doing the same thing. He says their is something with the low and high speeed in the carbs that when they were rebuilt, wasn't looked at bc you can't fix that part of the carbs, or at leats its really difficult.

    Ask me all the questions you need. I am about to pay him another 300 dollars to take apart the ski AGAIN and take the carbs off AGAIN, if someone suggests another route please tell me as I will pick up the ski and be done with it.

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    Anybody???? Should I take it or should I leave it and let this guy work on it???

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    Wait let some guys look at your question if i had my ski i wouldnt be answering you either, I would be out on the lake. Call the guy who did your carbs he can probally help just my thought

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