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    How do I make my '01 RX just absolutely blow away RXPXs?

    I was recently informed that I could build up my RX to be in a position to keep up with the RXPX's. Is this true?! How do I go about it? I have a brand new motor in it and am ready to do it!

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    I would assume that it would be a hell of a lotta work and money. IMO just buy an RXP if u wanna keep up with them.

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    But it would be so much more fun to do it on an RX! know what I mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chump2555 View Post
    But it would be so much more fun to do it on an RX! know what I mean?

    stroker, piped, big carbs, skat pump lots of various parts... lots of tuning and minimal riding... cus a two stroke tweeked that far isn't going to last too long

    get a RXP-X and call it good

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    Buy all the parts to make it an RXX, then mod the hell out of that!

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    what is the difference between an rx and an rxx?

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    The RX will be at the limit and the RXP-X he's just getting started.

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    How about asking the smart ass who told you it could be "done" for the answers......


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    Sell the RX and use the money as a down payment for an RXP-X.

    Even an RXX (an out-of-the-box race ready machine with Factory Pipe twins, Skat Magnum pump ect) is not running the kind of numbers they are getting out of an RXT, let alone an RXP or an X machine.

    As Tim implied, whoever told you this was either messing with you or has no idea what he is talking about (or is trying to sell you a bunch of stuff that will NEVER get you as fast as an RXP is right out of the crate).

    At 215hp you could maybe dream this little dream. At 255hp, forget it.

    Maybe your buddy can get ahold of a JATO rocket pack. Now that would do it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLR View Post
    How about asking the smart ass who told you it could be "done" for the answers......


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