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    temp light

    was up guys i got a s200 08 im from newyork havent been able to go out the whole month cause of the dam weather i took it out today finally it was fine went to flush it got a vibration noise out the left motor rpms are fine i reved it up rpms are still normal then my temp light went on could that be from reving i had the hose on the water was running i didnt over rev it only like to revs i baby this thing this is killing me i ran over a big patch of seaweed earlier could it have gotten in the pump or something i hope thats it anybody ever have this problem b4 i wanna go out i dnt wanna take this thing apart and i dnt wanna bring it to the dealer cause they suck yes i said it crazy freedys sux took it there b4 for the hatch and radio and they had it for a week and didnt fix nothing i coulda did it but i paid for a warrenty so let them do it but i had to do it anyway anybody in the long island area no any good dealers for service

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    You might want to check to see if you still have some trash stuck up in your grate.....

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    Low oil level could do that also. Check the oil when it is warm.

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    checked the oil it was good put the boat in the water let it run for 5mins it was fine went out the whole day fine went home flushed it same thing again i checked to see if anything else was stuck nothing there unless its fishing string or something thanks guys for the help

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    I'm in new york to and I bought mine from crazy freddies too . I dont trust anyone with mine I took it to formula one service just for the 10 hour and from this point on I'm just gonna do it myself unless something breaks or it requires something big ,I recommend the same to you . I notice the drvetrain makes noise out of the water ,did you get the over heat light again what town are you in ,I'm in bayshore.

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    Check the flush port(s) and adapter. maybe to restrictive?
    I thought the temp light indicates low water circulation in exhaust?
    As far as the noise and vibration could be the normal rattling when out of water on hose and a bent blade on prop?

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