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    Talking having issues

    Hey guys had some problems with the ski today. At low idle ski feels like its miss firing , it seems like it is loading up on gas or something. Rpms normal 7810, top speed normal, take off when idiling is ruff. The ski has 40hrs on it with never changing plugs, oil changed every 10 to 15. My instinct is saying plugs what do you guys think? Where can I get the cr9ek plugs from from? Will auto zone carry these? One more question are the cr9ek s ngk brand thanks for any info guys!

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    Forgot to add that at idle rpms drop way low like she wants to stall. Have to rev to "clear it out" thanks again guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boostin250x View Post
    Forgot to add that at idle rpms drop way low like she wants to stall. Have to rev to "clear it out" thanks again guys.
    plugs yes

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicjak View Post
    plugs yes

    Plugs for sure!!

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    Thanks for the quick replys guys that why I love this site. Question are the ce9k plugs made by ngk? And can they be found in local auto parts stores ?

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    Yes, the CR9EK is an NGK plug. In my case autozone did not carry them, but Napa did. YMMV. And just an FYI the the plug comes with a threaded terminal, which some guys still pop the plug wire onto. I took the terminal nuts off another set of plugs. Or you can order the nuts from I think they sell the plug for 6.49US ea.

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