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    Ultra 150 stock carb settings and if anyone is running modded carbs their settings

    Having trouble dialing in low end have 46 buckshots ,no low end at all compression is good another problem is im at 4600 elevation need help

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    Whats your jetting now...??

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    Don't know if this will do you any good. I have a stock port/compression triple pipe with Novi 48mm

    Altitude: around 950'

    Highs: 145
    Lows: 135
    2.3 Needle 95g spring

    2psi @ Idle
    4psi @ ~5k RPMs
    6psi @ WOT

    High Screws 1.5 Turns Out
    Low Screws .5 Turns Out

    Tuning was spot on, but with the higher temps lately I seem to also be having a bog off the line. If I ease into it, I'll be fine, but if I go WOT from idle, it will rev to around 4k, and then hang for a bit.

    Hope this helps...

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    No sure what jetting is right now

    Going to pull carbs and re jet just trying to get some specs

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    are you running tripple pipes....??

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    no single pipes and ada head w/38cc domes

    at super high elevation just trying to get starting point.have decent high end just no low end

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