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    While attending the first ever SML pwc only poker run my rxt went from cruising easily around 60 and about 7000rpm to nothing in about fifty yards.

    No warning....running

    GlenOzzy, an Ultra 250 driver....towed my '05 RXT about five miles to get another ski. He did this without even my asking....had my daughter hook up a line while I was putting my sht back together...and we were off.

    He used his time, gas.....he lost his guides woulda sacrificed the rest of his own shot at the poker run to get my sorry but outa the water.

    I've only met the guy once.

    Big cudos going out to him. I was able to snag another ski and continue...eventually catching up with him and completing the run.

    Thanks going out from one RXT driver to one Ultra 250 driver.

    GlenOzzy....thank you.

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    That is awesome.

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    That's a great story. You always want to offer help to someone in need on the water, you never know when it will be you needing a hand. Definately a tip of the hat to your pwc brother on the Kawasaki.


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    I have been towed in enough myself that I could never pass anyone in need. We towed in a 21ft boat from the lake (~5mi) that broke the lower unit on a submerged object just 1 week b4 mudbug. I would tow someone in and be happy it was not my ski, because I when I need a tow, everytime it has been a sunk ski

    Class act for sure, no matter what ski u ride

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    great feedback

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    Kudos to the kawi guy. Hope you find out what is wrong with yours. I can't count the number of boats I towed in on Lewisville Lake in Dallas over an 18 year period. Probably well over 50. Passing up a boater in distress is not only in bad taste, it's illegal. Again, kudos to the rider with class.

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