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    Polaris cooler rack for sale

    I have a real nice cooler rack and cooler for sale made for polaris skis,good condition had it on my sl1050,lots of room for food and drinks.purple in color with a white cooler. 100.00 plus shipping my cell 6103926065

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    Cooler & Polaris Rack for SL

    PM received from Keith for cooler
    yes i just used it on the 4th weekend.yes it is a polaris rack made for sl polaris jet skis. it is purple and the cooler is white. nice shape no rust sorry i cant get pics but you wont be dissapointed keith

    Okay Keith, I'm taking you for your word with no pics. I'll send you the money to your paypal account. Please send a payment request through paypal to my account [email protected]

    Nothing personal Keith, I've never used paypal and want to learn from others mistakes. Having the payment request made through paypal is suggested on the following thread

    "By the way, the safest way to send money to someone in PayPal is to have them send you a money request in PayPal."

    I'll make sure to post pictures of the cooler and rack when I receive them. This way other forum members can see how you roll Keith. Once again, it is NOT my intention to offend you.

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    I'd really like to see pics of how this looks on the ski even if it is sold.

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    I would also like to see some pics, Hey polaris 750SL did he ever respond other then a Pm?? as when it shipped and so forth? Cya Slick

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    I Pm'd Keith that I didn't have a paypal account and he sent me a PM with an address to send a money order. I Pm'd him back to let him know I had setup a paypal account. I'm still waiting on the request for payment through paypal. This will be the first time I've used paypal, and it was suggested to have the seller send a request for payment through paypal's website.

    A picture would be nice. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from him. I did see another PWC cooler rack setup in the classified section. I think it was called a pac-rac for around $125, but was not made by polaris. I think you can google pwc pac-rac and find it, but I'm waiting the hear back from Keith.

    Slick, how's those pissers comming along? I'm still waiting on FLjoyrider to come through for me. Did you get a chance to do any temperature testing? The pictures you sent me of the setup look sweet!

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    I called Keith today at the cell phone number provided above. He said after I transfer the money today, he will ship it out from his work tomorrow. From what he described over the phone, the rack has 2 feet that sit on the back deck and he uses a fat tie strap, like the ones the cops use, to attach the rack through the center hole on the rear deck. The rack says Polaris across the back. He also knew I was tight on money and said he would sell me just the rack for $75.00 +10.00 for shipping. I'll post pics when I receive the rack and get it mounted, as I just transfered the money.

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    A + for Keith Neff

    Now that was fast shipping! I received the package on Friday. It was just as Keith described.

    I had imagined it to be a larger rack. I wanted to get the one made by polaris since they would have taken into consideration the amount of weight and how it would change the ride. I'll post pics soon. There are stickers on it for SLT & SLH. It fits perfect on my SLT 780 and seems like it secures to the tow hook with some hardware I can find at the local store.

    Keith said it fit his 1050SL haul perfect. As for my 750SL haul, it has just a little bit of slop between the deck and rack mounts, but this can be easily tightened up with a small shim.

    This will give me a good template to work from on a design for a larger rack. I will do business with Keith again.

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    I cant wait to see it.. Cya Slick

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    look in the old classified threads, I believe someone else had one for sale with a pic not to long ago.

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