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    Polaris sl780 , Hit a wake to get it going fast

    I have a 96 sl780 , runs great out the gate then when i stop , it will not get up and go fast. I can hit a couple of wakes and she takes off like a bat of hell, have checked all the connections and everything looks good,
    this thing is pissing me off, any help would be great

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    So the engine will not tach back up after you let off or the engine revs but boat doesn't speed up?

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    Sounds like fuel issue. Check low speed screw settings. Search function is your friend....

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    I'm confused.

    It runs great when you take off until you stop?

    And then it won't take off again?

    Please elaborate on this.

    Have you checked the compression?

    What impeller is installed?

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    runs great for about 10min till slow down or stop, then press the throtle and bogs down, i can hit a couple of wakes and play with the trim and it takes off like a bat out of hell, carb settings have not been touched
    Its almost like the prop has a problem because if the rear comes out of the water when hitting a wake it revs up and takes off, IDK

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    When ya run into the problem again, try cracking open the gas cap to see if that remedies the problem.

    Take a look at the pistons, and see if there is a wash pattern also. Use a small flexable flashlight that will fit through the spark plug hole. If you find all black piston domes, you are running lean! Should have small clean areas aorund the edge of the pistons near the ports. I don't wanna see you burn the pistons up while testing.

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