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    650 to 720 swap project

    What I have is a 93 XP with a 650 and a 96 HX with a 720 and I want to swap the motors as I like the xp hull better. Has anyone done a swap such as the and is there anything that I need to know? Can I leave the electrical boxes alone and only swap the engines and carbs. I would appreciate any ifo that anybody can offer.

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    Does no-one have any suggestions?

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    definitly going to need the gray box. I think that you can leave the rear black box. everything else needs to go with the swap

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    Rotary Valve Plate on the '96 HX has a 159 degree opening and the '93 XP has a 147 degree opening.

    .... and the Ignition Electrix ("non-DESS mpem") are different part numbers so electrical timing and advance is most likely different as well


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    swap as many parts over as possible. All electrical, all water, fuel, oil, ect. This will make the project easiest IMO.

    GL ask questions here when you have them,


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