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Thread: SL-1050 timing

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    Question SL-1050 timing

    I have a SL1050 that is having no spark issues. When pulling the flywheel to remove the stator I noticed that the two bolts on the flywheel for timing were very loose. When ordering the new stator from Watcon Randy said the bolts should be close to center in the slots, there are washer marks on the flywheel in the center so I aligned the bolts backup with them. Now the ski cranks over like the timing is really advanced. Is there a way to check the timing with a motor not running without the proper tools?

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    its hard to set the timing without it running and requires a dial indicator.much easier to set it in the hull running.i use a stator cover thats been cut to hold just the starter bendix in place.leave the oil pump hanging out of the way,remove the allen plug on the top of the stator housing.find and mark the appropriate # ie 23 degrees with white paint strip.pour half teaspoon of 2 stroke oil down each carb throat.start it and check the timing.the cut cover allows you to make changes without disassembling anything.once you get it set,just bolt it all back together.if you start it a bunch of times you might put more oil down the carb throats.don't run it for to long as the driveshaft can heat up

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