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    flame arrestor removed,ecu gives maint message

    Today i removed the flame arrestor from the intake manifold.

    Took me two hours,but all worked out well!

    Also installed the kanaflex air intake,also no problems.

    After starting the engine to check if everything was right,the maint message went on on my rxt-x.

    No problems or error codes,engine runs fine!!

    Tomorrow to the water to test ride.

    Was maint flickering because of the ecu being disconnected?

    I didn't remove the battery cables,so maybe the ecu thought there was a loss of power.

    Anybody nows the answer, i have 41 hours on it now.

    I don't think it will be a problem ,but just to be sure i think i ask!!

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    How many hours are on the ski? If it's close to a multiple of 50 hours, then it's just a coincidence that the Maint message is on. It's just a reminder that certain maintenance needs to be done on the ski... Ron

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